Honeoye Falls Fire Department
The Honeoye Falls Fire Department was founded back in 1885 by a group of volunteers who signed a list in a drug store. Today it's a little more complex but not much. We get volunteers from all sorts of area's but mostly from references of current members. We appreciate all the help we can get. In a time where volunteers are dwindling faster and faster, those who hang in there and keep volunteering are very useful to us and to them the department is very grateful.

All members of the HFFD have important jobs. Just being a member is important. These are the people who get up at 3:00 in the morning out of a nice warm bed to go help someone else who has called. Then they have to go to work where they are responsible to do the job for which they've been hired. That's dedication. All members at the HFFD are volunteers and do not receive any monetary compensation. They give hundreds of hours a year [each] for free and expect nothing in return. You will not find a better class of people.

The department has two branches. The Operations side and the Corporation side. Operationally we are a department of the Village of Honeoye Falls. In such mode, we are employee's [technically non- pay remember?] of the Village and are responsible to the Board of Trustee's. The members of the HFFD are also incorporated. The Honeoye Falls Fire Department Inc. The members alone make up the corporation and thus have leaders.

Below is a list of the Line Officers, Corporate Officers, and all current active members of the HFFD. The Line Officers are the command staff who are responsible for all HFFD actions and equipment at a scene. The Corporate Officers are the leaders of the corporation and oversee things such as member conduct at corporate events [turkey raffle, gun raffle] and the money donated to us by our residents.

Here is the List of all the people who make the HFFD a great department and who you will see if you have an unfortunate incident where you must call us:
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
2016 HFFD Department Line Officers
Rank                      Name                   Radio Call SignContact Information
1st  Asst. Chief
2nd Asst. Chief
1st  Captain
2nd Captain
1st  Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
3rd  Lieutenant

Mark Hansen
Dave Hood
Corey Trewer
Tyler Zavits

Cris Milne
Alex Kase
Scott Johnson

2016 HFFD Corporate Officers
Office                       Name                   Contact Information 
Vise President
Bill Soehner
Mike Bonadona
Nate Rozzi
Gerald Lonthair
Mike Altonberg
Lisa Shellman
2016 HFFD Firefighter of the Year
Alex Kase
Past Department Chiefs

Pete Doyle
Tom Rath
Tom O'Toole
Ed Tondryk
Ron Patchett
Tom McGory
CJ Bushman
Joel Taylor
Steve Lord
Paul Churnetski
Firefighter Adam Yanda
Last alarm February 2013
Firefighter Tom West
Last alarm June 2013