Honeoye Falls Fire Department
HFFD Fire Fighting Equipment
HFFD No. 1

This 1929 Buffalo (manufactured by the Buffalo Fire Appartus Corportation) was bought brand new by the Village of HFFD in 1929. It fell into disrepair but was restored to 98% orgininal condition (estimated). When it was new it carried 1000' of 2.5" hose and could pump 600 gallons per minute. Now it does not pump but is still driveable. There are only 5 people in the Department allowed to drive it.

Engine 563

This Engine is built by Pierce Manufacturing on a Lance chassis. It features a 2000 gpm (Gallons Per Minute) Waterous Pump, seating for 6, 5 of which are SCBA (airpacks) Seats. It carries 1500' of 5" hose and carries 1000 gallons of water. It has a 24' ladder and 14' roof ladder. It is our heavy rescue attack truck.

Quint 560

The newest addition to our fleet was delivered in July 1999. It is now inservice and replaces 561.

Just this year a select group of members from the Honeoye Falls Fire Department after 2 years of study selected a new piece of apparatus to purchase. These members made up the purchasing committee for the replacement of Ladder 561.

Long hours and hard work sped up the project of replacing the apparatus. Those who have not purchased fire apparatus before do not know the work involved. This is nothing like going out and buying a new car. Picture that job were you must tell the builder exactly what you want. Headed by the Committee Chair Lt. CJ Bushman, the committee buckled down and got to work.

After looking at many manufacturers the committee decided on R D Murray Fire Apparatus in Hamburg, New York. Many companies were looked at and many nights spent checking out demo units and unit's purchased by other Departments. Pierce, KME, Smeal, E-One and others were in contention for the bid. R D Murray however, provided the better deal and the better piece of apparatus.

The unit is spec'd as follows:

  • Built on a 6 man Spartan tandem rear axle chassis
  • 1500 GPM Hale single stage pump
  • 300 gallon water tank
  • 105' Aeriel Innovations Ladder
  • Pre-Piped water way with electric controlled nozzle
  • Breathing air at the tip and turntable
  • Air Packs in all seats, including drivers
  • 200' electric reel in front bumper plus 250' of 2" attack line
  • Full height and deep compartments on the right side
  • Full compliment of ground ladders including an extra 35' ladder, all inside a compartment
  • 11'5" total height
  • 39'9" total length

This unit had to be kept under 12' in order to fit into our bays. Even then, a unit right at 12' would still not fit. Height restrictions caused many headache's for the committee. We're sure that this unit will serve us well and will make an excellent addition to our fleet.

Rescue Squad 566
2002 Ford F450
Engine 562

This truck was custom built in 2006 by 4 Guys. It features a 1700 gal per minute pump and holds 1000 gallons of water.
Honeoye Falls Fire Department