The HFFD is always seeking new members. The benefits of being a volunteer need to be experienced first hand. The feeling you get when you know that you've directly helped someone or even saved their life is incredible. 


Let's face it. As a child you probably stood outside the firehouse and looked at all the big shiny trucks in awe. You thought about being able to ride, or maybe even drive one of those awesome pieces of machinery. Putting on the coat and helmet and helping out your neighbor. Well stop dreaming and come join the team! No prior experience necessary.


We'll train you. There is a Monroe County Recruit Training Program that new members take to learn the in's and out's of the Fire Service. They'll teach you everything you need to get going. Plus we train one night a week [Monday] for a couple hours to make sure we're all up to spec on the newest techniques.

What's Involved?

Recruits are required to have some training before they run on any calls. Usually they start the Monroe County Recruit Training Program at which time they will be shown around by the Chief or his designee to learn about the HFFD and get a starter on what we do. Then they can start going to calls as an observer.

Upon completion of the Training Program recruits are cleared as either Interior or Exterior Firefighters. Interior Firefighters advance hose lines into burning structure's for the purposes of extinguishment and also search said structures for trapped or downed occupants. Exterior Firefighters stay outside the structure and assist in raising ladders and setting up operations. They can also perform outside ventilation.

Members may not begin driver training until at least one year of service is completed. After that time they can start training to drive the equipment and operate it at a scene.

What's required?

The HFFD uses a point system that awards points for participation in events. The longer you are a member the less points per year that are required. As a new member you would be required to attend a minimum of 50 training sessions and get 25 other points via other duties such as helping with fundraiser's, attending meetings, marching in parades, and responding to calls, per year. 

O.K., how do I join?

You can also email us at for more information or call the firehouse at 624-1100 (non-emergencies only) and leave a message if we're not there.

If you've ever thought about joining, now is the time. Our membership base is getting smaller each year. As people move away, or change jobs, we have less people available to do the job. If no one new comes in, we won't have anyone to do it. We would really appreciate your help.

Honeoye Falls Fire Department
7 Monroe Street
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
For an emergency, dial 911