Honeoye Falls Fire Department
Our History
The Honeoye Falls Fire Department was formed back on May 5 1885 by concerned citizens for the protection of life and property.

During the months of December, 1884 and January 1885, Honeoye Falls was visited by a series of fires. Consequences of these fires led to agitation on the part of the citizens for some means of fire protection.

Among the several things suggested was a plan to lay a pipe from Amos Lotee's Dam in North Bloomfield to this Village. After much discussion, this was abandoned as being too expensive, as it was estimated to cost $20,000. The next procedure was the appointing of a committee by the trustees of the Village. Seymore Pierce, being the chairman of the committee, was to investigate the best means of fire protection for the Village.

On January 29, 1885, the trustee's called a general meeting of the citizens at the Village Hall to hear the committee's report. J.L. Palmer was chairman and E.F. Parks, secretary of this meeting.

The committee as the meeting reported that after much thorough investigation, a steam fire engine and it's equipment at a cost of $5500 was, in their judgment, the best means of fire protection. {Compare that with the average pumper bought today for between $150,000 and $300,000}.

On February 10, 1885, there was held in the Village Hall, a special election to vote on an appropriation of $5500. It was carried by a large majority. 161 votes were cast: 114 for, and 47 against.

Just previous to this election, the Silsby Company of Seneca Falls, NY, at a great deal of expense, sent a steam fire engine and hose cart here and gave an exhibit of their work, throwing a stream of water over all the high buildings and over the spire of the Methodist Church. It was thought that this exhibition had a great bearing on the election that followed.

The Village purchased in addition th the No. 5 Silsby Engine, capable of throwing three heavy streams as the same time, 1500 ft of the best linen hose, two good hose carts, a hook and ladder cart equipped with two ladders, hooks, and buckets and two Babcock Chemical extinguishers. {We still have 1 of the hose carts and 1 of the Extinguishers. Consider also that the average engine/pumper of today can support flowing around 1500 gallons of water per minute through numerous hoses and carries at least 38 feet of ground ladders}

On April 24, 1885, a public meeting was held, and it was decided to have four companies: a steamer company, a hook and ladder and two hose companies. A list for the signatures of volunteers was left at the drug store of Dutton and Allen.

On May 6, 1885, a meeting of volunteers was called for the organization of the fire department. At that time, names were chosen for the different companies. After a great deal of discussion, the following names were chosen; The Wilcox Steamer Company, which was changed to the Honeoye Falls Steamer Company; The Major Downey Hook and Ladder Company; The Active Hose No. 1; and the Labelle Hose Company No. 2, which was changed to the Protective Hose Company.

On May 11, 1885, a second meeting was held and the following officers were elected:

Chief Engineer C.A. Goheen
1st Assistant Engineer G.R. Pride
2nd Assistant Engineer A. Burton
President Milo Case
Vice-President A.H. Hunt
Secretary J.E. Rawlins
Treasurer E.B. Kellog
Chaplain S.A Freeman

This represents the very beginning of the HFFD. More in the future.......